Water Water


By Steven Maddocks

Park Theatre Script Accelerator Project November 2019

‘Water, Water was one of five scripts selected by Park Theatre for Script Accelerator 2019. The writer/producer, director, and cast of four spent four weeks at Park interrogating and reworking the script in the rehearsal room and around the table. We also took part in workshops led by Park Theatre and its industry associates, as well as weekly share sessions, where all five participating companies came together to give and receive feedback on one another’s work.’ Steven Maddocks

Rehearsal shot from Water water R & D November 2019 with Laim Faik, Lesley Davidoff & Antonia Weir

Writer: Steven Maddocks
Producer: Infinite Space Theatre
Director: Owain Rose
Assistant to the director: Owen Findlay

George: Leslie Davidoff
Amy: Antonia Weir
Deborah: Monty Leigh
Jakub: Liam Faik