The Willibrord Sheet

On moving to London I initially felt rootless. This all changed when a few friends decided to set up a weekly meet up to read, eat and pray together. The first fell on the feast of  St  Willibrord. We began with a few people all of whom knew each other and were looking to find community and meander through Theology, Philosophy & Literature. Now looking around the room I see faces I may never have met who have all appeared at the doorstep and who each enable and create this space. In November 2019 we held a Colloquium, a day of talks and discussion on the theme of ‘Art & Devotion’. The next will be in April 2020 on ‘Christianity & the narrative of Progress’. In the meantime, the Willibrord sheet is moving into its second issue. You can read the first here.

Illustration from the Willibrord Sheet, by Kate Banks