Spring: Away



Imperceptible at first it murmurs through the air, 

Breaths of light, tiny specks of green on gnarled branches

Shoot Spring into being. 


Here it comes with a slight lessening of Grey 

The expectation of perhaps a little more light. 

Behind my tower block, the daffodils are alive. 

I barely noticed their yellow heads flopped by plastic bags and empty pots

There is blossom next to the bus stop. 


I wait, imagine wobbling lambs on dew dappled mist mornings 

The Meadows waking up leaf by leaf, growing green again. 


I used to wait for the crocus’s violet cups

Eager to be their first witness,

Rushing out each morning, 

Tracing each path to see the carpet of colour. 


I know it must be happening here

But I am not apart of it

The green squares are enclosed 

Birds drowned out by ambulance sirens.


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