Souvenir London 48hr film festival

One dark Friday evening in October a group, led by Andrew Spicer came together to devise, write, film, and edit a 7-minute short film in 48 hours. The restrictions were designed so that no one could possibly have begun the process before the brief came out. The genre was fantasy and we had to incorporate a London souvenir into the film as one of the main props.

The resulting piece was the story of an old man who has become trapped in his house, whether by his mind or outside forces we are not sure. He thinks the man who stands on the street outside his house may have something to do with it. His grand-daughter comes to visit him tries to get him to come for a walk. As soon as she arrives strange things start happening in the house. The fridge empties of food, the water stops running, the stairs become a maze. She tries to escape only to find herself going round and round in an escher staircase. As she looks out the window to see her grandfather walking down the street, she realised that the house has a new victim.

The ‘fantasy’ genre came through in some fantastic editing from Andrew and the film won a prize for best editing in the festival.

Creative team:
Director, camera, and editing: Andrew Spicer

Actors: Simon Taylor, Antonia Weir

Tech: William Ashford, Theo Shack

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