Dear Emeline / Dear Antonia


As Emeline prepared to leave for Delhi for a year, she and Antonia promised to try and write to each other every day.

A year later 160,000 words were written, they were figuring out life in humorous observations through A series of e-mail letters, poetry & flying words. A diary read by your best friend, a space to express anything and everything. Words became a source of friendship in a sometimes-lonely world.  

Fleabag and Samuel Beckett inspired us and this piece adapts some of our letters into a funny, touching and relatable conversation between two friends on two very different journeys.

Testimonials from our Scratch night Performance: 

‘Refreshingly humane; an exciting play which was as relatable and personal’ (Lucia Medina, Architect) 

‘Raw and personal yet funny and universal…a great watch’ (Katie Shanahan, Cyber Security Consultant)

‘A fantastic performance, hilarious and well thought out, from the staging to the comic timing’ (Frances Read, Police Woman)

Set design & proposal for Hidden Door festival 2020 by Emeline Beroud

Review by Katrina Man, Contemporary Art Historian and Critic:

‘The performance was an endearing, hilarious and powerful representation of a modern-day friendship, one that is so intimate and intertwined yet geographically distant, taking place across two continents. As these two young women navigate their way through life, their consistent flow of communication via emails and letters allows them to share their day-to-day experiences of exploration, romance, and anxiety, as well as their entertaining musings on the peculiarities of life. The nature and content of this correspondence can resonate with all audiences. The stage set worked perfectly: the head of each woman comically poking out of a map of their country of residence, nostalgically reminiscent of the face-in-hole boards typically found in beaches or funfairs. A simple set that very effectively framed and accentuated the expressive faces of these two women, allowing the audience to feel they were gaining an intimate and privileged insight into their lives and friendship.’

Working drawing of the set drawing on Beckett’s ‘Not I’ Design by Emeline Beroud

Scratch performed at the Green Note pub, Camden 2018
Writers & Performers:
Antonia Weir
Emeline Beroud

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