Book Design

Book design work for Scotland Street Press

In 2020, I began working for Scotland Street Press, A small independent publishing company based in Edinburgh. They specialise in publishing work by Scottish Authors and frequently collaborate with PEN.

I work as a freelance designer and typesetter on various projects.  In 2021 Scotland Street Press made a dedicated list called ‘International Women’. It included collections of collaborative poems and artwork from women in Scotland, India, South Africa and Canada. 

I also work on editing poetry and fiction. Recent projects have included ‘The Queen’s Lender’, ‘A song to Keep’, ‘Sea Fret’ and ‘Porcelain Soul’.

Sea Fret by Dilys Rose,
Published May 2022
Elizabethan Secret Agent, by Timothy Ashby,
Published March 2022

Declarations on freedom for writers and readers,
Published March 2020

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