30 works 30 days

A selection of pieces from the 30 works 30 days challenge.

A curious challenge, where the aim is to make something every day. Each day a prompt is sent out, which you can choose to follow or decide to leave. They are curious things. ‘What would your family expect you to make?’ ‘Make your work more commercial’. There is no set medium in which to respond, anything goes as long as it is uploaded by midnight.

Day 2 prompt: ‘Can you make a home at home?’

Spring’s Patchwork

Day 5 prompt: ‘What would a failure look like?’

Dancing in a coffee cup

Day 8 prompt: Does your work have a legacy

Day 6: Take an old work and make it more commercial
Would you buy a scarf in the summer? Woolen scarf made on my peg loom.

Day 13: Collaborate with someone else today

Day 16: Make a work that takes you five minutes

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