What shall we make today?

Making, Poems

30 works 30 days

by the 12ø Collective

At the start of April, I signed up for a new challenge- because who doesn’t love a challenge. This one is called 30/30 and is run by the art collective 12ø. Now, I probably should have been savvier and realised that an art collective was going to want visual art of some description. I was going to use the daily prompts for pieces of writing.  Now I feel that this may be cheating slightly so I will attempt to incorporate words and visuals. It will be a multi-media approach. Drawing is not my strongest suit- but I do love taking things from people who can draw, cutting them up and sticking them back together again, so for now, that is where I will begin.

Today’s prompt was ‘Can you make a home at home?’

Spring’s Patchwork

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